By Founder and Head Coach, Matteo Cigala

The calibration of the power meter is essential to have greater reliability and therefore train with the almost total certainty that the power is equal to that of previous workouts.


As far as this aspect is concerned, in some power meters, there is the automatic calibration option, but I suggest to always carry out that manual.


The calibration of the power meter should become a routine because it can heavily influence the effectiveness of training if we decide to rely on its data. When it is starred it can also score +/- 20 watts of difference compared to previous releases (but there may also be major differences).

Look like small numbers, but you can well understand that with these values you risk getting out of your training areas underestimated (and in this case you risk going to work on different metabolisms) or overestimate (here instead there is a risk to train with the 'handbrake pulled', without experiencing improvements in the specific areas that you want to base the training).


It is advisable to calibrate the power meter before each session, since the time it takes to calibrate is minimal and, on the other hand, there is more measurement security.

My recommendation is to start your cycle for 1 minute. Stop. Calibrate. And start your session.

If you are more 'lazy' you can avoid calibrating it in the days when you are doing a super easy ride (since the power data are not practically watched), but it is highly recommended to do so on all other days in which there are, compared to previous days, fairly large temperature changes, changes in humidity and adverse weather conditions.

An example, during winter, the bike is kept in a room where the temperature is higher, compared to outside; in this situation, before leaving, I advise you to leave the bike outside for a few minutes, so that the meter approaches the temperature which will then keep it during training and, once this operation is done, switch to the usual calibration process from your head unit. This is useful to avoid errors in measuring the data. Remember this: are the small details that make the difference

Matteo Cigala
Founder & Head Coach