By Founder and Head Coach, Matteo Cigala

The racing season is just around the corner. Here are some tips.

-In the light of the first races, it is important to have your racing bike fully ready before going to an event. So if your bike have not been serviced in a while, it is a good idea to bring it to a mechanic.

-Make sure you have everything packed the day before without stressing to pack on the morning of the race.

-Good idea to stick your racing number the night before.

-If you know the course, is important to check the wind direction the night before but as well on the same morning.

-Nutrition is crucial and a vital part in order to get the best of your performance.

-Dinner the night before racing should be complete but with the main focus on carbohydrates.

-Make sure you eat at least 3hr before racing. The breakfast should mainly contain slow-release carbs such as porridge or brown rice or brown pasta.

-Good idea to drink 500 ml of fluids the morning before the racing. Electrolyte better to help liquid retention.

-In case you feel hungry just before the race you can eat a bar or a snack that contains mainly quick-release carbs

-Don't forget beetroot juice 2hr before the race. After drinking beetroot juice is recommended to don't drink or brush your teeth. Beetroot contains nitrate, which after its absorption in the upper gastrointestinal tract, reaches the salivary glands via the blood circulation where it is secreted into the oral cavity and partially reduced to nitrite by the oral microflora.

-Make sure you do a good warm-up.

-Don't start the race too behind. In some races, the crucial moment can be only after 1km. Start at the front and be aware of what's happening right from the start.

-If you are in a bunch, stay always within the first part of the bunch. Crashed mostly happen in the middle or towards the back. Also, by staying at the front, especially in technical circuits, you can gain an advantage of coming out of corners much quicker than those riders at the back.

-Make sure you intake at least 1gr x 1kg of carbs per hour during races. Example 80kg rider, 80 grams

-Make sure you keep yourself hydrated during races (500ml per hour)

Matteo Cigala
​Founder & Head Coach