By Founder and Head Coach, Matteo Cigala

Bike races can be won by few hundred meters, a km or even by few centimeters!

One of the techniques that riders use to win races on the line is the bike throw. A bike throw happens in the last meters of a cycling race when a sprint is involved and at the end of this, riders push arms forward and stretch the back out, moving their bikes as far forward as possible getting to the finishing line before the others. It's therefore important to practice this technique as it allows you to win races.

You can start train this at low speed first, extending your arms completely straight, extending your shoulders, back and having your butt behind the saddle. As you get more comfortable doing it, you can practice at higher speeds and you can see that you can gain few meters on an effective bike throw.

Timing your bike throw is also important, so good practice for the timing has to be trained. If you do it correctly, your stomach will almost be on the saddle. In fact, the Italian for bike throw is ‘colpo di reni’, which translates as ‘kidney punch’.

On the picture below, some of my bike throw that allowed me to win some bike races.

Matteo Cigala

Founder & Head Coach